València Does Not Authorize Them As The Fallas Are Not Celebrated

València Does Not Authorize Them As The Fallas Are Not Celebrated

València cannot be understood without the Fallas , but these festivals are also meaningless without the noise and smell of gunpowder. This March 2021 , the traditional monuments will not be planted in the streets, nor will there be mascletà every day in the Town Hall Square, nor fireworks castles next to the Turia Garden, so firecrackers will not be allowed either .

The pandemic has altered almost all facets of daily life and it has also done so in the fallas world, which it shook last year almost at the doors of the festivities and with the fallas half planted.

The ban on firing firecrackers is, in reality, an extension of the situation that is experienced the rest of the year. With the arrival of the month of March, the Valencia City Council publishes a mayoral statement that includes the organization of the daily life of the city during the festivities in many aspects. One of them regulates the use of fireworks, which is allowed at certain times and in certain specific places, basically during the day and in designated areas next to the houses.

This year, due to the suspension of Fallas, no side fallero, so the temporary derogation is not authorized to launch firecrackers, except those known as bombetes and Chinese , very little power and infant use.

This was advanced this Wednesday by the Councilor for Festive Culture, Carlos Galiana , in the Les Notícies del Matí program of the autonomous public radio television À Punt . “In the city of Valencia there is a noise pollution ordinance that does not allow firecrackers .

That is saved every year with a Fallas side, but obviously there will not be a Fallas side because there are no Fallas, so, in principle, no it is allowed, “he explained. In this way, the ordinances that regulate the rest of matters remain in force and that in the case of noise is that of noise pollution.

The ban on firecrackers will occur in a unique situation, because the suspension (or postponement) of the Fallas will coincide with the school holidays , which remain in effect from March 16 to 20, that is, almost the entire traditional fallera week. For this reason, it will be more difficult to control the firing of fireworks in the streets, since children and adolescents will not be in schools and institutes.

Galiana has recognized that the Fallas of 2021 will not be normal celebrations as a result of the health crisis. “These will not be normal Fallas, as we know them,” said the municipal official, who has advanced some details of the content of the online Fallas week in which the Valencia City Council works for the pandemic, and which is presented this Wednesday to the assembly of presidents and presidents of fallas.

This program, which aims to maintain “the fallas spirit”, includes initiatives such as stating where a fallero or fallera lives by hanging some detail of the clothing on the balconies. The councilor has detailed that the crida , act that begins the Fallas, and the plantà are moments that will be taken into account in the “small” but “relevant” actions that are planned to be carried out to show that this world is present.

Regarding the calendar in which the Fallas of 2021 could be celebrated , the mayor for the moment discards putting dates on the table and proposes (as the mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó has also indicated on different occasions ) that, in principle, it will not be during the first semester of the year. However, he reiterates that everything will depend on the evolution of the pandemic and the indications given by the health authorities about the different types of acts.

Galiana has also stated that the Fallas budget planned for pyrotechnics is saved. He added that, for now, it will not be spent because despite the better evolution of the pandemic “it is not the time” to dedicate it to this type of shows, which can attract thousands of people. In fact, this will be the first full exercise without parties , given that last year they were suspended on March 10 with the outbreak of the pandemic. “Everyone wants to celebrate the Fallas in 2021, but it does not depend only on the City Council, it depends on vaccination and the evolution of the pandemic,” he insisted.

They subsidize 30% of the monument
Both the City Council of the capital of Turia and the Generalitat have been providing aid to sectors related to the Fallas and affected by the restrictions of the pandemic such as florists or clothing designers. In fact, the Valencia City Council plans to pay 30% of the monument to the Fallas commissions this year, despite the unknown whether or not they can be planted.

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