People Prefer Humane Treatment Let Me Give Them Newspaper

People Prefer Humane Treatment Let Me Give Them Newspaper

During this pandemic year, 20minutos has maintained its paper edition with a primary objective: to get the information to a large number of people within the cities in which it operates, when being up-to-date has been (and is) more important than never.

Ana is one of the visible faces of the medium. This distributor has been delivering the newspaper for two years, which has a marked social work, and making it possible to distribute it , free of charge and by hand, to readers.

Question: How long have you been working on the 20 – minute cast ?

Answer: I have been working as a delivery girl for about two years in the Collblanc neighborhood of Barcelona. Sometimes they move me to another place, but this is my usual point, here everyone knows me. This is a neighborhood of very old people. The neighbors are very friendly and, apart from that, I like the noise, talking to them, asking them how are you …

Q .: How was the return to your delivery point?

We were undistributed from March to mid-May. Collblanc is a place where everyone knows each other and it gave me joy to return, but also sadness, because when I had not seen someone for a couple of days, I thought: “Let’s see if they will no longer be there.” But they have all returned to me, I have not had casualties. Here people prefer humane treatment, to be given the newspaper rather than taking it from the car.

Q .: Is there a difference in the day to day after the return?

A .: I have not noticed any difference with the distribution from before the pandemic to now, because everyone is aware of the welfare of the rest. Cast the same as it did before. People at first did not know that we had returned, but they all leave early and come to get their copy. They are very happy to see me and, since I am also older, when I miss a couple of days because they change my place, they worry if I have become ill …

Q .: Do you have a special bond with a reader?

A .: There was a man over 90 years old, who has already passed away, who would bring me breakfast every Friday. I told him I couldn’t eat because I was working, but he would always go to the cafeteria, buy a chocolate croissant and wrap it for me. I was already calling him by his name and we had a very good relationship.

Then they give you gifts, they give you candy … At Christmas they gave me a teddy bear with a 20 – minute sign ; a delivery bear. It made me the same illusion as a little girl, now I have it in a preferred place at home.

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