Toilets Cross Their Fingers In Face Of Very Aggressive Fourth Wave

Toilets Cross Their Fingers In Face Of Very Aggressive Fourth Wave

A fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic could be dramatic. “If the fourth wave resembles the second or third, even if it was very tiring, it could be overcome. But if it resembled the first, it would be a drama,” said the manager of the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona this Monday.

Albert Salazar, at the press conference after the class ‘Vall d’Hebron University Hospital Case: covid-19 management’. Hospital occupation, both in the plant and in the ucis, is still very high, despite the fact that it has been falling for weeks: this Monday there were 2,029 patients with the virus in Catalan hospitals, of which 588 were in ucis.Starting a fourth wave with the system so full would be very difficult, experts warn.

Health personnel attend to a patient admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for coronavirus patients at the Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona.

The speed of the virus is approaching a point again in Catalonia, which worries Salut.

The acting ‘councilor’ for Health has also said it, Alba Vergés, who has warned that, since the ucis are still full, she sees it necessary to wait before lifting restrictions to stop the covid-19 in Catalonia: “The risk of a fourth wave starting from this situation is very dramatic. ”

In an interview on TV-3, Vergés has warned that Catalonia is in a “fragile moment”, which is why the Procicat has given itself seven days to assess whether the infections have stabilized or the incidence of the virus rises again, has said.

In that sense, the ‘councilor’ has advocated to allow time for the healthcare pressure to drop and the results of the vaccination to be noticed in “very key weeks”, as has already happened, according to her, in health workers and the elderly in residences, already immunized.

In addition, he has defended being prudent when advancing dates for the flexibilities, out of “respect” for people who have businesses and who are pending to be able to open, or to be able to do it more hours.

The ‘Vall d’Hebron model’, under study for its good management of the pandemic.

“It is not good news that a few days ago the improvement [in the indicators] has slowed down. It is not that we are seeing a significant increase in patients, but the improvement we had in income has slowed down . It is impossible to know what that is going to happen in the next few weeks, “Salazar said.

Asked Vergés if Easter can be saved, he replied that his ‘conselleria’ always tries to find a balance between society and the epidemiological situation, but added: “Since Salut we have never worked in terms of saving summer or Easter”.

The ‘councilor’ said that in June the situation was very different because the risk of regrowth was very low, so that in summer “life could be recovered, and this gave a lot of air to society” before the new waves.

After announcing the inclusion of the group from 45 to 55 years in the vaccination plan, he explained that there may be “changes” in the vaccination criteria and that people from 55 to 70 can also enter the plan when new vaccines are authorized like Jansen’s, one dose.

For those over 80 who cannot move, he explained that primary care is designing a home vaccination device, grouping six people together so as not to lose any dose from the vial.

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