UK  Is Committed To A Staggered Opening

UK Is Committed To A Staggered Opening

” Data not dates ” (” data, not dates “). British Prime Minister Boris Johnson used a play on words on Monday, which has become his new slogan, to respond to those who want to set a date, as soon as possible, for the end of restrictions due to the coronavirus .

Johnson presented in the House of Commons his “roadmap” to get out of the confinement in force since January 5 in England. A journey in stages, between now and summer, ” cautious but irreversible”He stated. A plan based on the firm intention that the current and third lockdown be the last.

The Conservative Prime Minister knows that there cannot be a fourth, that the public would not accept it, that it would be his political grave. ” We cannot . continue indefinitely with the restrictions that weaken our economy , our mental and physical well-being. That is why it is essential that this roadmap is prudent, but also irreversible, “he declared.

The itinerary consists of four stages , with a five-week interval between each of them, enough time to evaluate the impact that this controlled opening is having on the increase in infections. “The threat remains substantial,” Johnson said.

“We can take these steps thanks to the determination of the British and the extraordinary success of our public health service in having vaccinated more than 17.5 million people in the UK,” he stressed.

Summer vacation abroad, in the air

The first stage gives priority to the reopening of schools on March 8 and the possibility of socializing with a person outdoors. As of March 29, with the second stage, the order to stay at home will be abolished and the meetings abroad will be extended to six people from two different homes.

You can also return to exercise outdoors , on tennis courts or golf courses. Non-essential shops, gyms, hairdressers, pubs (only open to the open air) and museums will have to wait until April 12, the date of the third stage.

The fourth, as of May 17, will be the time to open hotels, restaurants, cinemas,stadiums (with a maximum capacity of 10,000 people). By then, members of different households will be able to meet inside homes and establishments. If the situation allows it on June 21, all restrictions on social contacts and the recommendation to telework will be lifted. The international travel ban will last until at least May 17 .

The prime minister indicated that the use of issuing “covid status certificates” is being studied to help reopen society. The government has so far repeatedly denied the domestic use of ” vaccination passports” for fear of creating a discriminatory system among citizens.

The progress of the plan will be reviewed depending on the progress of the vaccination program , the new variants of the virus, the level of hospitalizations and deaths and if the risk of new infections may exceed public health.

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