Julia Otero Leaves Radio For A While To Treat Her Cancer

Julia Otero Leaves Radio For A While To Treat Her Cancer

Julia Otero announced this Monday that she has cancer and that she will be away from the microphones of Onda Cero for a few weeks to undergo cancer treatment. “Between chemo and chemo I’ll take a tour of the radio,” the 61-year-old journalist has advanced.

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“Last Tuesday in a routine check-up, one of those that we all have to do, the surprise came. Selfish cells appeared in a little corner, as Dr. López Otín calls them,” the communicator, who was born in Monforte de Lemos, has explained on the air (Lugo) in 1959 and settled with her family in Barcelona when she was a child.

Julia Otero: “I have learned to pronounce the word cancer in the first person” https://t.co/2q47VaHDFO

– Onda Cero (@OndaCero_es) February 22, 2021
” The word cancer is scary, but I have been learning to pronounce it in the first person for six days,” said Julia Otero. “It is not easy, but there we are. You have to call things by their name,” according to the director and presenter of ‘Julia en la onda’, on Onda Cero.

During the time that Otero is away from the microphones, Carmen Juan, along with the usual team of editors and collaborators of the evening program, will remain in charge of the program.

Otero has shown his gratitude “to the girls and boys of ‘JELO'”. “This is an extraordinary team in every way. Professionally they are very good, but their strength is the human category,” he emphasized. “I do not want to forget my bosses from Onda Cero and Atresmedia, because there is not a day that I do not receive from them a dose of pampering and positive thoughts,” said the journalist.

If on a professional level she has confessed to feeling sheltered, she will be much more so on the staff, since both her partner and her daughter are doctors. He, Josep Martínez, is the head of the Emergency Department at the Barcelona Hospital, and she, Candela , 23, has a degree in Medicine and part of her tasks have been at the forefront of the fight against covid.

“Half suffering, half mommy pride. I see her as a girl … but she goes out every morning to fight like a warrior with her mask,” Otero wrote on his Instagram account months ago along with a photo of his daughter, protected against the virus.

Otero has been linked to Onda Cero since 1990, when she began directing and presenting the early morning program ‘La radio de Julia’, which soon became the chain’s evening format. In the 2007-2008 season, and after a hiatus on television, Otero returned to Onda Cero to take charge of the afternoons with ‘Julia en la Onda’.

Among the recognitions for his journalistic work is the Ondas Award , the Golden Antenna, the Golden Microphone (two), the Mainat Award and the most recently awarded, the José Couso Award for Press Freedom.

The news has provoked an avalanche of reactions of support and solidarity with the Galician-Catalan journalist. From politicians, starting with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to a multitude of colleagues from the media have sent encouragement to Otero.

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