Arrested A Thief Who Marked Doors To Rob 36 Houses In Igualada

Arrested A Thief Who Marked Doors To Rob 36 Houses In Igualada

Arrested a thief who marked doors to rob 36 houses in Igualada. The Mossos request that 112 be notified if a marker is observed on the door itself or on that of a neighbor.

The Mossos have arrested a thief who marked the doors of 36 houses in Igualada (Anoia, Barcelona) to make sure that no one was inside and to be able to rob the homes, although he could be arrested before he entered the buildings .

The regional police reported this Sunday in a statement that agents from the Igualada police station, in collaboration with those of the Corts of Barcelona, ​​detained this thief on the 7th, a 42-year – old man of Albanian nationality and unknown address. to which 36 robberies with force in homes, in degree of attempt are attributed to him.

The Mossos indicate that the investigation of this case dates back to the early morning of June 19, when they were alerted to the suspicious presence of an individual on Sant Cugat de Igualada street , from where they continuously observed houses in the area.

Placed in the same afternoon
Mossos units, alerted to the presence of the man at 1:20 am, went to the area and found at the confluence of that street with that of Mestre Muntaner a person who coincided with what they would have described as a suspect. After searching and identifying her, she was released without evidence of wrongdoing.

Upon inspection of the area, however, officers located 36 houses that had door markers. One of them also had damage . All were in homes on the aforementioned Sant Cugat street, and in the adjacent ones of Capità Muntaner, Compte Borrell and Lacetània in the municipality of Igualada.

Police were able to determine that the markers had been posted on the same afternoon of June 19 and that they were posted by the person they identified that night. Consequently, it issued a search and arrest warrant for the alleged perpetrator, who was finally arrested on July 7 in Barcelona by agents of the Corts.

Fine thread of glue and pieces of plastic
The detainee has a record for similar events in different cities in Europe and was brought to justice last Friday. In all cases, the detainee used a fine thread of glue and an almost imperceptible piece of plastic to mark the doors of houses and garages where he wanted to rob.

After a few hours or days , this person would go back to check the doors and, if the thread and plastic were kept, it meant that the house or garage was unoccupied.

The Mossos have asked citizens that if they observe a marker of this type on their door or that of a neighbor, they should alert the case by calling 112 .

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